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It is DeltaForce mission to be the most responsive company to consumers and business clients.  To provide a solution to our customers' requirements according to needs and budget requirements.  To empower our customers with in-depth consulting expertise and state-of-the-art computing technologies.

We will deliver to our customers, without exception, the finest Internet service.  We are committed to surpassing customer expectations by providing innovative high quality, cost effective and exceptional service.

We will deliver to our customers, without exception, the finest, custom built computers their hard-earned dollars can buy, and provide the highest levels of customer care and service in the industry after the sale.  Our commitment to value and quality will never be compromised in favor of sales volume.  Each and every transaction will be accomplished with the highest level of honesty and the trustworthiness and credibility gained with each customer will be earnestly maintained.

"We aspire to be the company that customers
choose to work with and proudly recommend"

Our story begins in 1983 when I, owner Amnon Nissan, set up a BBS (Bulletin Board System) on a new TI99/4a personal
computer. We were the first to offer file transfer on the BBS, which was developed by my friend Randy Jones.
1n 1986 I got my first IBM-PC and decided to run a BBS on one of them. We joined the Fidonet network
where BBS's provided the ability to send email messages from anywhere to anywhere for free.
Then came 'EchoMail' which was somewhat similar to news groups, and the need for more file transfers, more often,
became a required option. Since I ran my own company for over 10 years, I was in a position to sponsor
such an endeaver and more PC's were dedicated to the operation with the help of Ben Mann (RIP).
The years past and I went on to become the SouthEast region Echomail Coordinator, but the Internet was
becoming more and more available to users outside of universities, and the use of dial up BBS's was on the decline.

In 1993 I was approached by a local radio station (WKIX) to host a weekly radio show related to computers (I was
the president of the Triangle Computer Society then). I jumped on the offer and Computers 2K Now was born. The
name has changed a few times and after Y2K we stuck with computers 2k now.

1994 saw the development of the WWW concept, and I joined Network Technologies to help develop that side
of the business. We conducted free classes for end users about the use of the Internet in our offices and
other local locations. Then came The Internet Center, and in 1997 decided to build the Deltaforce brand With the help of
my System Administrator and friend Ron Bickers. Got a few dialup racks from USR and started to provide dialup Internet
service including ISDN, website hosting and development, news-feed and more.

We have been operating non-stop ever since !!!

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