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DeltaForce is licenced by WorksForWeb to sell and host their products

DeltaForce Technologies is proud to announce that we have become an officially licensed retailer of all WorksForWeb products.

New pricing and conditions if you are buying WFW scripts through DeltaForce Technologies:
  1. You will now pay $149.95 one-time Subscription fee for the script.
  2. Script has to be hosted on one our servers. Hosting fee is billed annualy.
  3. We do not offer any 'Free Support' or upgrades at this price.
  4. NO refunds will be issued, no exception.
  5. We will install the script for free (one time).
  6. All custom work and custom projects will be provided by WFW experts. Please contact them directly with your inquiries.

Ever been in a situation when your hosting provider couldn't get your website to work right? Ever spent hours on the phone listening to the music while your website is down? None of this is ever going to happen if you are hosted with us.

Deltaforce Technologies is not an ordinary hosting provider. We are a small company with the level of personal service you cannot ever expect from the big guys. We are managing our servers ourselves, and we take your matters personally, literally . If something goes wrong with your hosting environment, just give us a call, and we shall deal with that personally in the most expeditious manner.

Deltaforce has a specifically configured hosting environment set up for all Worksforweb products. It means that iAuto, iRealty, iLister and others will run at their most efficient way. Your new classified project is going to be up and running fast and reliably, guaranteed.

Here are some technical details about our servers:
  • High-speed connectivity to the Internet.
  • Free SSL certificate.
  • One GB storage (can be expanded)
  • NO hidden charges. NO suprises.
  • Webmail: Roundcube (when you are out of the office).
  • PGP, Email, FTP.

We are running a cluster of servers managing your virtual hosting servers, with daily data backup, uninterrupted power.

Deltaforce Technologies has been working on Worksforweb-powered projects for several years now and counting. With lots of experience accumulated over the years.

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