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Why should I subscribe to Deltaforce?
  • Reliability
  • Customer Support second to none

Are you a National company?
    No, we are locally (Raleigh, NC) owned and operated.

What software do you offer?
    We do not use any proprietary software. If you are a WINDOWS user you already have all the software needed right in your Operating System on your computer, and we will be more than happy to walk you through the installation, or you can bring your PC over and we will install it for you. You can use ANY Internet Compatible software available for FTP, SSH, EMAIL, BROWSING etc.

What about contracts?
    We do not offer any type of long term contracts. The Internet is changing rapidly, and you should have full control as to which ISP you would like to do business with at ANY given moment.

What about email accounts?
    Every account comes with at least one email account, some with more. Extra email boxes can be added for a small monthly fee.

What is your policy concerning SPAM?
    Deltaforce prohibits SPAMMING, and an account will be canceled on the spot if the user was sending out SPAM!! We will cooperate with authorities and others to make sure such user will not be able to do it again !!!

Does Deltaforce provide any other services?
    Deltaforce is also a supplier of high quality PC's and peripherals to businesses and home users, and we do repairs and upgrades on PCs. We don't just sell the hardware but we advise you on what we think is the right hardware for your application.
    Have an infected or slow operating PC? Call us. We have extensive experience with cleaning and dissinfecting such.